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11th September 2018 message from theway.co.uk

The Culture of the Kingdom: A Royal Priesthood by Kenny Young

“Grace and peace to you from him who is, and who was, and who is to come, and from the seven spirits before his throne, 5 and from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth. 
To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, 6 and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father—to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen”. Rev 1:4-6 (NIV)

Today we will continue to examine what is meant by the ‘Kingdom of God culture’ in particular exploring what is meant by a Royal Priesthood. As members of God’s household we are Kingdom of God Royalty. We are also a Royal Priesthood. We have been given authority by God to influence the nations for the Kingdom.
As Kingdom of God Royalty we are all influencers. We are carriers of the Glory. So when we walk into a place we carry the presence of God in to that place. It is through us, as vessels of the Glory, that we have the authority to change the spiritual atmosphere of that place.
Kingdom influencers
You have been given Royal authority by the King of Kings, Jesus the High King of Heaven, to transform the spiritual atmospheres in your locality, your work place, school, college, university or any where else you happen to go. Even if you enter a place where darkness appears to prevail, pray for the Kingdom of God to rule and reign in that place. The spiritual atmosphere in that place will eventually change. Pray and ask God to release His glory into that place. You will, in time, see changes take place for the better as you do this.
Royal authority
We are also a Priesthood as well as being Royalty. Kingdom of God priests are Royal Priests with an authority from God to release Heaven on earth. For too long we have only been taught how to be saved enough to go to Heaven.
We need to go deeper with God. We also have to understand that as Royal Priests we are actually saved enough to bring Heaven to earth. God has given us the power, through the Holy Spirit, to bring what is possible in Heaven to earth. This means that through the Spirit’s power there are no limits through what we can do for God. With God all things are possible.


Dear God, I pray that Your Kingdom will manifest itself on the earth even as it is manifest in Heaven. Let Your will be done through Your servants. May I grasp hold of the knowledge of the Kingdom of God so that I may be worthy to steward Your Holy Spirit’s presence. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

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