What is Christianity?

There is a little known phrase in Christian circles "That God so loved the world, that he didn't send a committee!" He just sent one man called Jesus, his only son. We can try all we like to be good, to uphold certain values, to even follow religious duties, but these are all worthless. Until we ask Jesus into our lives, and start to follow Him, we get nowhere. We need to recognize that if God made the world, gave us a free will to enjoy it, saw that we had messed it up, gave us a way out, we need to take it.

Therefore, there is "only one way" out of this, and that is to recognize that we have got it wrong. We have sinned in our thoughts, words and deeds, and need to turn away from the world's trap of the anything goes attitude, as long as it does not hurt anybody. However, it does hurt God because he loves you very much. He sent his only son to rescue you, to heal you, to restore you, to give you a new start, to be part of his family, to bless you on this earth, and to give you eternal life.

What more can you ask for?

If you turn away from your sins, and ask Jesus into your life, he will not only guide you, help you, be your closest friend, but he will also set you free from any hurts, pains, fears, doubts or bondage that may be holding you, at this present time.Please remember that there is nothing that God cannot forgive. If this statement or any other points we have discussed raises more questions than answers in your mind, please click here on "Questions of Faith" and you will get a personal confidential answer, e-mailed back to you.

If you really want to move forward, feel there is something missing in your life and want to change, then you have three choices.

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Whatever you do make sure that this day, is the start of the rest of your new life with God. He has a plan for your life, but he can't tell you what it is unless you start a relationship with him, and start listening!

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