Faith Check

Welcome to Faithcheck, your own personal 'spiritual M.O.T. check'. This is the place where you can have a really good look at yourself and your current walk with God. This is where you can be really honest with yourself and decide whether you are at the place where you really want to be or, more importantly, where God wants you to be.

This is a personal place of quiet reflection. We will not judge you or criticise you, that's a matter best left to you and God. In fact anything that you type in here is totally secure - nothing will find its way to us unless you contact us personally. This, we hope, will be a place of honesty and intimacy and that you will return to again and again as part of your 'journey in faith'.

You will be guided through eight areas of your spiritual life. In each you simply indicate where you're at now and where you'd like to be. You'll be provided with points for reflection along the way to help you - these 'faith snippets' will be varied so that every visit to 'Faithcheck' will be, we hope, a fresh experience. At the end you'll be gently nudged where appropriate and also provided with resources to help you in your walk with God.

We want this to be a serious and useful experience, but also a fun experience. This is a place to be honest with yourself. Remember, no-one's looking at you, there's no-one to impress. No brownie points, no prizes. As we said earlier, it's a 'spiritual M.O.T. check' but it's not a case of passing or failing. Everyone who takes part will be guaranteed a prize of sorts, being helped to get closer to who God wants you to be, which can't be a bad thing!

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