Evolution vs Creation

Where is the proof?

There is absolutely no observation or experiment that proves evolution exists. Evolution is a myth, just as the past notion of a static universe was a myth. There are no missing links (transitional or intermediate life forms) in the fossil record. There are only unique, true species that are imagined to be missing links. There are no missing links alive anywhere in the modern world. Evolution is a false theory perpetuated by atheists.

A delusion is a belief, thought to be true, but without enough evidence to prove it’s true. Belief in a sun god, moon god and other gods were delusions that comforted ancient peoples by giving them the feeling that they understood something. Other delusions include: the flat earth theory, the notion that the sun revolves around the earth and the idea that mold or bacteria are generated spontaneously on rotting garbage.

The delusion that the universe is static (not expanding nor contracting) lasted for centuries among scientists as well as laypersons. The most brilliant of humans accepted that delusion as true. Einstein, one of the most eminent scientists that ever lived, believed the universe was static. Einstein developed special and general relativity, probably the greatest triumph of scientific understanding ever made. But he so deeply believed in a static universe that when his derived relativity equations indicated the universe was not static, he refused to believe his own work! He distorted his equations by adding a “cosmological constant” to them such that the distorted equations then showed a static universe. When later scientific observations and discoveries proved that the universe is expanding, Einstein called the cosmological constant his “greatest blunder.”

Do we still have some beliefs that might be delusions? Yes. Many of us believe in flying saucers and extra-terrestrials. And I offer another likely delusion – Darwin’s theory of evolution. Despite the fact that all species of life that exist look to be designed, atheists cannot accept that God exists, so they promote a myth, Darwinian evolution, to cover up plainly visible reality.

Darwin proposed that once life, a first cell or organism, somehow happened from mineral matter, individual organisms of any one kind of life (species) naturally varied in their characteristics (size, hairiness, intelligence, color, hardiness, attractiveness to mates, etc.). And those organisms with characteristics that favored their survival and reproduction did survive and reproduce more often than organisms that did not have the favorable characteristics. Thus eventually, the favored characteristics dominated the species. As additional, favorable characteristics naturally developed in the population, they too gradually expanded throughout the population. And as that situation repeated itself over and over again, eventually the species changed so much that it became a completely different species. That process -- of natural variation in individual characteristics and natural selection of the fittest -- then continued to produce more and more complex species until it culminated in humans.

The process described in the above paragraph is often called “Darwin’s evolution” or “survival of the fittest” or simply “evolution.” It exists within a species and supposedly can cause sufficient changes that one species can develop into another species.

But people, who don’t believe in Darwin’s evolution, argue that the natural variation and natural selection process can only operate within a species. That process can cause great changes within a species, but it can never cause so much change that it causes a new species to be created. These non-believers in evolution call this limited, within-a-species evolution “micro-evolution” and use the term “macro-evolution for Darwinian evolution. When the word “evolution” is used throughout this note, it means macro-evolution, Darwin’s evolution. The word micro-evolution is used herein for the only-within-a-species process of modification.

Breeders have intelligently selected and manipulated micro-evolution to produce a multitude of animal breeds and plant varieties. But never has a breeder produced a new species. A Chihuahua and a Great Dane look very different and cannot mate naturally, but both are still dogs.

Visit a museum and the evolution section will display example after example of micro-evolution (changes within one species) while wrongly suggesting such changes are macro-evolution (changing one species into another species). Falsely insisting that if a large amount of micro-evolution occurs it will eventually result in macro-evolution.

Darwin openly admitted that his theory was unproven when he made it. But he expected that the future discovery of additional fossils would provide evidence of missing links between modern species -- for instance the intermediate or transitional life forms that gradually, possibly, led from chimpanzees to humans. But modern fossil evidence shows no real missing links. Most of the touted, fossilized, missing links have subsequently been proven to be fakes! Modern science has discovered more fake missing links than true ones!

For there to be missing links in the fossil record the missing links must have been alive at some time in the past. If evolution existed in the past and is a natural phenomenon, there is no reason why it should not exist in the present. The presumed "missing links" were more suited to survival than their predecessors; so why aren't they still living while their “inferior” predecessors (chimpanzees for example) are still alive? If the purposeless, mindless, blind, natural process called evolution exists, why are there no examples of its work-in-progress anywhere in today's world?

Don’t tell me how one species might have changed into another species a million years ago. Show me -- in today’s world -- one member of one species that shows signs of evolving into another species. Show me one wingless insect that has half a wing or one snake or worm that is growing little legs. Can you find one squirrel or lizard, among the billions that exist, that shows sign of nascent wings? Has anyone reported one lizard that looks like it’s losing its legs, or one hippopotamus that shows signs of becoming a whale?

Has anyone seen one chimpanzee whose hand-like feet show signs of development toward becoming human feet? Are there any reports of rats becoming wolf like? Of any mammals learning how to use sonar systems like bats and whales? Any humans that are losing their little toes, gaining telepathic powers, the ability to see ultraviolet or infrared light, or the talent to sense the earth’s electric and magnetic fields?

Why is there not one example of evolution acting among the existing billions of members of the millions of species currently alive on earth? The earth should be swarming with fresh missing links. Truly, evolution is the most elusive and mysterious of all conceived natural processes? It appears to have become completely extinct in the modern world. How could that happen to a presumably natural process?

Modern molecular botanists are able to take a gene from one plant species and insert it into the DNA of a different species. Occasionally that modification results in a new plant that has better characteristics than its parent plant. Then scientists exclaim: “We have created a new species.” And they are right! They (intelligent beings) have manipulated DNA to create a new species, but blind, purposeless, mindless evolution was not involved.

Still atheists cannot ever concede that evolution is false. They must always argue that eventually they will find proof that evolution exists, because evolution is the keystone of modern atheism and without evolution atheism is exposed as the lie it really is.


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