Sharia Law in the UK

The British common law enshrines the right to a fair trial, this is at the heart of our common law and it is protected for reasons of accomplishing justice in every trial. It is vital that all parties before the courts are given a fair hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal. Over the past few decades we have seen a growing emergence of Sharia law amongst the Muslim community which threatens to dismantle the ethos of British law by openly discriminating against Muslim women and promoting violence (honor killings/stonings etc) in the community.

Sharia law is a part of the practice of Islam, it covers interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims, sexuality, food, rituals, leisure, activities, dress and hygiene etc. It therefore encompasses the public and personal life of a Muslim.

It promotes the use of discrimination against women, violence (in some instances the amputation and stoning of law violators) and prejudice against non-Muslims. The following areas of law blatantly disregard the equal treatment of women which has become a massive problem as many rulings have already been carried out against women in the UK.

These are some examples of discrimination:
• Men can marry up to four wives!
• The evidence of women in court only counts for half the weight of a man’s
• A man may unilaterally divorce his wife and may only need to ‘declare’ the divorce three times in private to do so! The woman, in comparison, needs to acquire permission from her husband, pay money and apply to the Sharia courts to do so. A divorced man can marry whilst a divorced woman cannot.
• The custody of children aged 7 and older, will be placed in the care of the father.
• An allegation of rape brought by a woman bust be witnessed by at least four independent male witnesses
• Men and boys are entitles to receive twice what women and girls receive
• Sharia law promotes pedophilia

It is clear from the above that allowing the practice of Sharia law would be to society’s detriment. Despite these very discriminatory parts of Sharia Law, it is practiced in the UK today by Sharia Councils and Muslim Arbitration Tribunals and undermines the ethos of British law all together. There are currently over 85 such entities operating in the UK in the areas of; Birmingham, Bradford, London, Manchester and Nuneaton, all with Muslim Arbitration Tribunals in operation.

One only needs to ask the question whether Christians would be allowed to go to Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic state and open 85 Christian Arbitration Tribunals, why is the same liberty being allowed in the UK and furthermore to the detriment of the British legal system. It is already infiltrating our society and seeks to destroy the rights and freedoms that this nation fought for centuries to protect!

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