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The Way is one of the top UK Christian sites.

• Regularly contacted by TV research companies for information & views. 

• Large growing UK Church database adding to the number of site visitors. 

• Blend of services for both Christian and seekers alike.

• In depth articles and news on a wide range of important subjects. 

• Unique "faith check" area, and "questions of faith" with email responses.  

• Fresh news updates every day covering world and Christian events. 

We will advise you on the very best positions for your banners and boxes on our portal that contains the latest news, updates, features and polls that keep our visitors coming back for more and more.

We have installed an Advertising Management System for all its advertisers which tracks all the unique visitors to your site.

Because our audience is targeted, we only accept advertisers that are in keeping with our overall Christian ethos. Space is limited, the ambiance and look and feel of the portal is very carefully guarded and developed.

Advertisers who we accept onto our site confidently know that they are spending their advertising budget wisely. The value is there because your advertisements are properly targeted.

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