The Coming Greece Turkey War?

Without doubt one of the most important and interesting saints in Christian Orthodox history has to be ‘Our venerable and God-bearing Father Paisios of Mount Athos.’ People from around the world would visit this monk and ask him of world events and the future to come.



Elder Paisios (July 25, 1924 – July 12, 1994) his birth his name, Arsenios Eznepidis, was born in the town of Farasa, Cappadocia of Asia Minor, shortly before the people exchange between Greece and Turkey following the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922. 

After his baptism the family were forced from Farasa, Cappadocia and made their way to Greece and settled in the town of Konitsa in Epirus in north-western Greece.



Following World War 2, Greece fell into a civil war, Arsenios (Paisios) signed up as a radio operator, reports from the time told of how concerned Paisios was about his compatriots who had family, his concern for himself was zero as he had no wife or children. He was noted for being brave and very compassionate and full of self-sacrifice.

After the civil war, Paisios wanted to enter into a monastic life, however he had 2 unmarried sisters which he made sure they were provided for before entering into his spiritual life. By 1950 he had provided for his sisters future and decided he would now begin his monastic life.



In 1950 he entered the most holy Mount Athos and for 4 years practised as a novice monk and became a monk in 1954 and was named Averkios.

Monk Averkios was considered a very conscientious....... in all his duties including helping his brethren. While others worked, he would never rest, even though he had completed his own tasks.



In 1956 he moved to a different monastery and with this received the name Paisios. Fr. Paisios in this time contemplated on his own spiritual failures and that also of the world, it was the lack of love which plagued the towns and villages of Greece and the wider world. He prayed for not only his own short comings but that of the world.



In 1958 Elder Paisios was asked to spend time in his own home village so he could support the local faithful against the groups of Protestants. Here,  Elder Paisios helped many people in and around the village, not only through his spiritual strength but also managed to feed a lot of the poorer people by selling carved wooden handcrafted objects, the money he made would be used to buy food for the hungry and the poor.

Later in his life he suffered from many problems with his health, yet even when he was in the most pain and weakness he would always have time to hear the problems and woes of visitors,he would spend most of his time in prayer with very little time for rest. Even after being admitted to hospital with problems with is lungs and diagnosed with Cancer still managed to find the strength to take visitors with their sorrows and thoughts.

On July 11th , 1994 he received the Holy Communion for the very last time, the next day he handed over his soul into Gods good keeping. He was buried, according to his wishes, at the Monastery of St. John the Theologian in Souroti. 



More and more people over the years are starting to show interest in Saint Paisios and his life. Many people are interested in the many Prophecies he had spoken of in his life, here I will be listing the more relevant of them because of the present situations. Be prepared to be shocked and amazed by these things spoken by ‘Our venerable and God-bearing Father Paisios of Mount Athos.’




A lesser known but certainly important prophecy made by Father Paisios was the destruction of the EU and it would start in the UK. He also said that the EU would be destroyed by the British and the USA because they are one nation.

“It won’t last for many years,” he said. “It would be destroyed by the Brits and Americans, because they are one nation and work together. They say, what’s going on here? Is Hitler rearing his head again? And that’s how they’ll dissolve it.”

As we can see in present times that ‘Our venerable and God-fearing Father Paisios of Mount Athos was correct over 20 years ago when he made the statement. We see that the UK is exiting the EU probably without a deal and with it, billions of pounds. Other countries will follow. 

The US is also betting on the destruction of the EU or as they see it the United States of Europe, with the Socialist agenda that the EU have pushed for so many years, the US is no fan, especially the present President (TRUMP). Simply put, Europe is getting far too powerful for the US liking!



Probably the most important of the prophecies to the Greek people is the upcoming war with Turkey. However this prophecy is for the world to take notice of because as we know, things WILL escalate without any doubt.

How far will this conflict escalate, well, let’s say World War 3! 

Turkey will attack Greece, Greece will try and defend itself but is no match as the Turks have been heavily armed in the past by Europe and the US. Even as I write this article the Germans have been selling new submarines to the Turkish. That’s right the Germans are selling to a none European country weapons which the Turkish are planning to use against the Greeks, a European country. This sort of leaves a foul taste in the mouth! Then what will happen is Russia for as it sees its own benefit and taking note of it’s Orthodox Christian roots will attack Turkey with a nuclear warhead wiping Turkey off the map.

As you have seen in the first prophecy the demise of the UN would start in the UK, by the UK getting out of the EU, but then the real destruction will take place when Europeans will fight once again Europeans in a world war, where most will attack Russia, as Russia moves into the Middle East from Turkey. 

Father Paisios has said that an Angel will come down and will sing, and that this will cause the Europeans to kill Europeans and they will continue to kill each other until the Angel stops the song. Those who are left after this war will return to their homes. During this conflict many Russians will also be killed, but this will not stop the Russians marching onward.

Greece all though this, will be attacked by Turkey but get off lightly, for very few people will die from war. Yes, there may be problems feeding the Greek people, however Father Paisios has also warned the people of Greece to make sure they keep a garden and in that garden to grow as much food as possible, not only themselves but also for their neighbours. Many Greeks do keep a garden and grow their vegetables as I do.



For Greece, great gifts from God will be given to the Greek people, for they are Orthodox Christians. They will get their beloved Agia Sofia back, this is on par with the Roman Catholics and its Vatican City and St Peter's Basilica. Just recently the Turks made this Christian Cathedral into a mosque, not only upsetting the Greeks but also upsetting the other Christian Orthodox country, Russia, but of course, Europe and the UN were quiet about this.

After this, Turkey as a country will be finished it will be cut up and the parts given back to the rightful peoples, the neighbouring countries. Russia will then turn its eyes to Israel, and then you have all-out war, with the UK and the US joining in.

Do you think this might not happen? Sorry, but it already is.  Father Paisios warned the people, the day that a Turkish ship enters Greek waters will be the start and soon after the Turkish attack of Greece. turkish_energy_ship_enters_greek_waters_sea_tensions_rising -1007771/

Then World War 3!



Also warned by our great Saint Paisios was that when Greece changes it’s sea borders from 6 nautical miles to 12 then soon after war will begin.

It is time we prayed, it is time to forgive those who have trespassed against you, for  time isn’t only short it’s running out!

There are many other  interesting Prophecies of Father Paisios, however these 2 are the most important as they effect all of us and you only have to search online the news from Greece to see the truth and the amazing Prophecies of ‘Our venerable and Godbearing Father Paisios of Mount Athos’ unfolding.

I pray to God that anyone who reads this article, who investigates this great modern day saint will find the path to God and will prepare themselves not for the devil for we do not fear it, but prepare ourselves for our King, Jesus Christ, all these things must happen before the great day of Judgement, love one another and forgive! Amen, Amen, Amen!



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